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Address 3313 - 32nd Avenue

Vernon , BC
V1T 2E1
(View Map)
Phone (250) 545-2141
Fax (250) 545-9008
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Key Contact GM/GSM Stu Crouse, Digital Properties Manager Rob Abramenko, Program Manager Shawn McCleary, News Director Pete McIntyre
Email sales@1075kiss.com
Website www.1075kiss.com
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What We Offer

Commercial advertising

KISS FM offers a variety of different options that use the power of radio to reach over 34,000 listeners in the North Okanagan.

As a "Local First" radio station, KISS FM spends considerable time and resources building connections in the community, often on a one-on-one basis, to solidify our position as a community leader.  This is done by playing music that has wide-appeal with our "Vernon's Best Music" format, as well as being involved in literally hundreds of community events year after year. 

From large fundraisers, to community celebrations, to group events where we can supply an MC or offer promotional support, KISS FM is equipped to carry out what no other station can - a truly community-first attitude, from the heart, backed by the experience of service to the North Okanagan since 1947, by over 20 staff and Events Crew.

As a business, organization or event advertiser, this gives you the peace of mind knowing that KISS FM attracts well-qualified listeners, eager to find out about locally available offers and attractions, that already feel a sense of community.


Radio Advertising and Promotions

KISS FM is an Adult Contemporary radio station and attracts a significant majority of North Okanagan radio listeners OF ALL AGES compared with other local stations or satellite radio.  Since the urban Vernon population is of median age 46 and above, KISS FM also enjoys near total dominance of listener demographics over the age of 50--nearly half of the local population--and the most well-heeled and wealthy consumers the market has to offer. 

KISS FM listeners lead the way in debt-free home ownership, listeners with high incomes, available disposable income, and active families at nearly every stage of spending. 

Additionally, since KISS FM believes in a "local first" programming approach with Okanagan-first information, events and listener-assistance, listeners are encouraged and inclined to seek information rather than avoid it.  Commercial advertising is not treated as distraction between pages, or annoyance on the way to "another long set of uninterrupted music".  KISS FM organizes advertising into digestible segments, and created locally in a way that appeals to consumers rather than simply being noise or entertainment.  This helps lead to KISS FM listeners tuning in longer when they turn on the radio, and keep listening more often throughout the day. 

For these reasons, your advertising dollar receives maximum value reaching a large audience of dedicated followers. 

In short, KISS FM takes the doubt out of how to reach an audience ready to ally with your business or provided service, and receive your message in a clear and action-provoking way.

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