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Beekeeping courses from beginner level to advanced presented here in Kelowna BC

Expertise in all aspects of beekeeping.

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Address 357 Providence Ave.

Kelowna, BC
V1W 4Y7
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Phone (250) 764-1825
Beekeeping, Bee Breeding, Education
Key Contact Vic Macdonald
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Beekeeping courses from beginner level to advanced presented here in Kelowna BC

Expertise in all aspects of beekeeping.

What We Offer


When a swarm of honey bees arrives uninvited on your property, you need expert assistance to remove the bees. We have made staff available to respond rapidly and efficiently to your phone call for help.

CALL 1-250-764-1825 

Cell # 250-718-3232

Beekeeping CoursesBeekeeping Courses

Are you interested in working with and learning about bees?

Then you are fortunate in that you can learn all about Bees and Beekeeping right here in Kelowna.

Various courses are offered from March through to October. Week end intense courses for beginners are the most popular, due to the practical components of the course, class sizes are restricted. For your comfort, protective equipment is supplied for use, when working with the bees in the bee yard.

At the end of the course you should have the confidence and ability to be comfortable working with bees.

Course Leader: Vic Macdonald Lic#68678 BCCT#L132154

For more detailed information including course dates and availability, please check our website


                  See the news section below for added bee information

Beekeeping EquipmentBeekeeping Equipment

Specially arranged for past beekeeping students as well as members of the BBC (Backyard Beekeepers Club), we are now making  some equipment  available for purchase,Let us know what you want and we will attempt to assist where possible.


Pollination  of Fruit TreesPollination of Fruit Trees

One of the secrets to getting an export quality fruit crop, is to get the blossoms well pollinated, which in turn leads to better fertilization and the resultant quality fruit for which the Okanagan Valley is well known.

Early booking is essential to ensure that bee colonies are available for your orchard.

Log on to for further details. 

Queen Bees for Fall RequeeningQueen Bees for Fall Requeening

Our tried and tested VICTORIAN QUEENS are once again available for requeening or to improve your genetic pool. Our Queens are marked Yellow for 2017 and Red for 2018

Nucleus Colonies (4 Shallow Frame plus a marked Queen) are available for starting your own colony or for strengthening a weak colony. Availability is weather dependent, but is usually from mid April.

As these items have proved to be very popular, your early ordering will avoid disappointment.

See our web site BEESINCORPORATED.COM for more details and ordering procedures.

Sep 2, 2018

Beekeeping for beginners.

Gain knowledge and experience working with and understanding bees. Protective equipment is supplied.

Dec 15, 2017

After an excellent 2017 beekeeping year, with the increased number of BBC members keeping bees, we will now have to focus on making sure more bee friendly plants are planted for the bees to visit.

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Jul 23, 2017

Beekeeping becoming more popular every year.

The number of people keen to learn about and work with bees has increased dramatically, to the extent that we will have to increase the number of courses that we run, especially for beginners. So in 2018 check our website for course dates and register early as course places are filled rapidly.

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