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Address Lumby
Phone (250) 215-1265
health, nutirition, weight loss, fitness, energy, challenge
Key Contact Toni
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What We Offer

Body by Vi

The ultimate in Health and Fitness products for EVERY lifestlye. Start with a shake packed full of nutrients, add a Passion Fruit Energy boost, and a high energy, low sugar cookie! Whether you want to lose weight, build more lean muscle, or simply get healthy, there is something for everyone. And , for less than $4/ can't go wrong.

Body by Vi

Personal one on one interactions to learn what it is YOU NEED...not what I think you need. No up-selling, no obligation, no spam e-mails....just sharing something that has worked for me. Plus, won't cost you a cent to get more info!

call: 250-547-2514


ask for Toni...feel free to check out my links on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, or go to www.trosner,

Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

Lead a healthier, more productive and energetic life! Delicious, affordable and suitable for those with chronic health issues, such a diabetes.Gluten free, supports low glycemic lifestyle, supports protein digestion and nutrient absorption. Plus, it's lactose free and is low sodium! Change your health, change your life!! I did!

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Independent Distributor

Become an Independent Distributor of the fastest growing health and nutritional program in North America! Sales have increased from 34 million in 2010 to 231 million in 2011!!! The opportunity is now!!

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