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Address Kamloops / Kelowna
Phone (250) 260-0253
Fax (250) 503-2381
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Key Contact Pamela Miller
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What We Offer

100% Funded Bridges of Trust Courses

At the Bridges of Trust™ Programs you learn:

  • that building trust is essential to building success.
  • why leadership is about presence not position.
  • how to inspire trust though accountability and authentic communication.
  • that personal responsibility aligns with a commitment to worthwhile engagement.
  • how effective people are true to their core values.
  • the benefits of Accountability Agreements and much more...

These courses qualify for $5000 in employee training funding under the BC government's Workplace Training for Innovation Program.  For more information on this course and on the application process, contact Pamela Miller 250-260-0253

Oct 4, 2010

Deadline Soon for 100% Funding for Employee Training!

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