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Address 3208 28th St.

Vernon, BC
V1T 4Z8
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Phone (250) 545-3420
Fax (250) 545-4921
Garden, Environment, eco friendly, Feed, Seed, Spray, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Organic, Irrigation, Odor Eliminator, Janitorial, cleaner
Key Contact Dave Weatherill

What We Offer

Bokashicycle Food Waste Fermentation

Bokashicycle Food Waste Anaerobic Fermentation is a fabulous way to recycle what is normally considered as non-recycleable food wastes and return them to the land to be useful fertilizers and soil carbon enhancers. Our company helped organize the food waste recycling of the 2010 Interior Provincial Exhibition in Armstrong Sept, 2010, in conjunction with the Ministry of Environment and the North Okanagan Regional District Waste Management Reduction Team. The project report is just about ready to be released as of Dec 1 2010, with excellent information and results better than expected.

L.E.C. - Light Electronics Cleaner

This product is used to clean glass, chrome, and electronic surfaces (TV/Plasma/LCD/Computer Screens, cell phones, Telephones, etc.)

It is non-toxic, bio-degradable, and environemntally friendly.

It is alcohol, ammonia, fragrance and phospahte free.

Also offerred in a cleaning kit.


Developed initally under contract to the BC Ambulance Service to recycle body bags, it has been used for over 20 years to successfully eliminate odors on contact in many environments, especially the health industry.

It is non-toxic, non-staining, and non-Irritating, environmentally friendly, biodegradable.

It is used anywhere malodors occur.

Applications include: garbage containers, diaper pails, tobacco & Pet odors.

It is safe for all upholstery, drapery, and carpeting. It is compatible with other cleaning agents and laundry detergents

Patriot Chipper Shredders

Patriot Chipper Shredders are a very well built line of products. From the Electric through to the 9HP Gas models, they get the job done efficiently.

Shactivate - Septic Tank, Grease Trap, Outdoor Toilet Digester

Shactivate is a liquified, lignite coal that works with teh established microbe cultures in restaurant grease traps, septic/sewage treatment facilities and out door toilets (outhouses), to digest the olis and greases and maintain a healthy environment.

As it is a carbon based product, it substantially helps with odor causing issues.

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