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Address Vernon
Phone (250) 307-2555
feng shui harmony balance
Key Contact Samantha Plovie
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What We Offer

Business Feng Shui Audits

As a business owner, you have the vision and the objective clearly in mind.  You understand your target demographic, and you understand the core of your business.  So why not give yourself the ultimate edge, and understand how your building and staff play the biggest role.

In business, success depends on many things.  Is your product or service workable, is it viable in today's economy, and, is the time right for your expansion plans?  Let me be the one to remove the confusion, and clear the path to your ultimate success. 

In feng shui, we believe in creating balance and harmony.  If the flow of energy is smooth, and harnesses the correct energies that your business needs, you will succeed.  Identifying your employees strengths and placement within the company will enhance productivity and create a positive attitude.  

If you are a new business entering today's competitive market, let me be the one to give you that competitive edge. See how your business can be laid out for optimum cash income and staff suitability. 

If you are an established business, why not plan your expansion with accuracy: successfully reaching your target demographic. Review your staff and understand how they can work effectively for you. 

Whether you are a new or established business, contact me today and find out how feng shui can take your business to a whole new level.  

Feng Shui cures & recommendations

I carry a range of personal items from the 12 animal bracelets to specific talismans.  These items will help you make the most of your relationships, both personal and professional.

Achieving balance and harmony in relationships is the key to everyone's success.  

I also carry golden calabash's which are an ancient feng shui cure, only accessible through a feng shui practitioner. Calabash's were once used to carry medicine, and are associated with the mouth trigram. We use them specifically to target sickness energy around you, and they can be placed easily throughout your space.

Calabash's are especially helpful when people are fighting an aggressive illness.

The Heavenly Water prints are another feng shui cure, that is especially strong for "hot" areas in the house. As a practitioner using the flying star method of feng shui, I can interpret your space, and locate any area that needs to be cooled. Hot areas are most often associated with poor decision making and procrastination.

These prints are also very beneficial when supporting both metal and water in a learning space: office environment. 


Home Feng Shui Consultation

I offer in home consultations to help bring harmony and clarity to your space. My initial visit will determine the 'facing' of the house and the energies that are within. I will then develop a numeric qi(chee) map, that allows me to interpret the information for you. To complete our analysis, I will prepare recommendations for everyone living in the home, and help you implement them easily into your family's life.   

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