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Address Penticton
Phone (250) 462-9005
Computers, Servers, Printers, Networks, IT, Managed Services, Web Pages, Penticton, Fix, Viruses
Key Contact Regimund

What We Offer


Computer broken?  We Fix!  Fast, professional!


Looking for someone that can consult with a new project? an addition?  maybe trying to figure out why the system isn't working the way it should?  Do you want some one that pushes their own sales?  or someone that truly has YOUR interest at heart?!  Maybe someone that can look at your business and determine your best ROI? (return on investment)!!  The cheapest may not always work out to be the best ROI....  

Managed Services

Want to change from the standard Re-Active approach to computer system problems, and move to a better Pro-Active approach, reducing downtime - and increasing profits.  Want an IT department without the costs of a full time department and all their expensive hardware?  Want a set monthy cost, allowing for unlimited problems to be solved without worrying about how much more it is going to eat into your bottom line?    Managed Services is the new standard for small and medium sized businesses using the large business models for IT management.

Outsourcing Contracts

Looking at saving money with your IT needs for your business?  Do you outsource to India?  or someone local?  We look after all your IT needs and we can be onsite!!

Web Page Partnership

Ever considered if a web page actually helps your business...  ROI - Return on Investment...  if you have products, or services that are a good choice for selling on the Internet - and are not sure the cost of creating an E-Commerce site will be beneficial...  we will look at the market, do a market analysis and if determined that it has a chance - we will create that E-Commerce site.  As we stand behind our work...  we will enter into a business partnership arrangement so that our fee is a direct proportion to that being sold through the site, so we only get paid if you make money!

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