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Address #105 - 2450, 14th Avenue

Vernon, BC
V1T 8C1
(View Map)
Phone (800) 265-1060
Fax (250) 542-8884
Refrigeration Sales and Service, HVAC, Heating, Air Conditioning, Building Mechanical Services, Commercial Plumbing, Commercial Heating, Commercial Air Conditioning, Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, Industrial HVAC, Refrigeration Services, Refrigeration Mechanics, Sheet Metal Mechanics, Gas Fitter, Gas Fitting, Plumbing Service, Food Store Service, Grocery Store Service, Geothermal Service, Geothermal Design, Geothermal Installation, Supermarket Racks / Cases, Ice Machine, Induction Units, fluid Coolers, Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers, Heat Pumps Remote Air Cooled Condensers, Make-Up Air Units, Reciprocating Chillers, Centrifugal Chillers, Screw Compressors, Flooded Chillers, Food Service Equipment, Evaporative Condensers, Industrial Ventilation, Exhaust Systems, Computer Server Rooms, Air Curtains
Key Contact Troy Lehr

What We Offer

Commercial Refrigeration and Building Mechanical Service

In our service department we are on call 24 hours a day, we repair all conceivable types of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating equipment.  Over 170 vehicles on the road ensure that you will be promptly looked after.


Today Gateway Mechanical Services Inc. designs*, builds and installs all types of Heating, Refrigeration, Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems. Our collective experience and diverse skills make us a preferred choice in these fields.

We can offer complete system installations from design stage* to commissioning. We employ our own work force, comprised of in-house refrigeration mechanics, sheet metal mechanics, plumbers/gasfitters and electricians. 

Whether your need is coolers, freezers, HVAC systems, process chillers, control room air-conditioning or heating boilers; the Gateway design team can build a system to suit both your application and your budget.

Our customers range from small business, warehousing, process plants, manufacturing plants, gas plants, oil refineries, food service, supermarkets and pharmaceutical production, to oil exploration companies operating in the Arctic & Middle East.

Preventative Maintenance Service

A Group of Qualified technicians service all types of Climate Control equipment on a scheduled basis.  From rooftop heat/cool equipment to environmental chambers, our customers benefit by better efficiency and longer equipment life.

  • Performed by a specialized technician
  • Catch Minor breakdowns before they become larger, costly repairs
  • Improve productivity by keeping air quality and system operations to design standards
  • Protect the integrity of your product
  • Scheduled maintenance performed by a specialized technician plus repair parts and emergency calls are included in the base price
  • Budget your maintenance costs with confidence
  • Focus on your core business while we focus on your mechanical systems
  • Tailored to meet your unique needs


Replacement / Re-Design

We replace Boilers, Rooftop Heat Cool Units, Forced Air Furnaces, Condensing Units, Fan  Coils, Unit Heaters, Exhaust Fans, Refrigerant and Chillers.

  • We can re-design your system so your replacement is more efficient and operates better than the old system.
  • We have a master electrician, gas fitters, refrigeration technicians, sheet metal technicians and plumbers on staff.
  • We analyze price, quality, capacity, load requirements and features and offer the best manufacturer  to you.

Replace your equipment with energy efficient environmentally friendly alternates.

Energy replacement will reduce:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Service Repairs
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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