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ดูบอลสด ทรูสปอร์ต_ฟรีเครดิต100_เว็บการพนัน

Address Vernon
Phone (250) 540-2525
Image Consulting, Image Consultant, Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Management
Key Contact Kirsti Kirkness
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What We Offer

Business & Social Etiquette Workshops

Etiquette Workshops

For clients who wish to better understand business and social etiquette.

    • Learn best etiquette practices: interviews, presentations, and everyday business
    • Practice common courtesies used in introductions, dining, and special events
    • Learn business and social etiquette practices for specific cultures
    • Choose one-on-one instruction or small-group presentations

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis

For clients who wish to know their most flattering colours.

    • View, first-hand, how your most flattering colours highlight your beauty
    • Learn which colours complement your skin and hair colour
    • Discover your "personal key colour" and flattering accent colours
    • Receive personal colour tools for future reference and shopping excursions

Complete Wardrobe Creation

Wardrobe Creation

For clients who wish to create an entirely new wardrobe.

    • Learn which clothing styles make you look your best
    • Visit retail stores with pre-selected clothing that suits your desired image
    • Enjoy six (6) hours of one-on-one support from a Personal Shopper
    • Create several outfits, including: Business, Business Casual, Casual, and Formal

Cosmetics Makeover

Cosmetics Makeover

For clients who require support with cosmetic choices and application.

    • Receive a complete cosmetic makeover based on your desired image
    • Discover how to take your makeup from “beautiful daytime” to “elegant night”
    • Learn step-by-step application techniques to highlight your best features
    • Receive a personalized portfolio to re-create your ideal look at home

Personal Shopping Services

Personal Shopping

For clients who want the luxury of one-on-one support at retail stores.

    • Receive personalized, one-on-one attention at fashion retail stores
    • Visit stores with pre-selected clothing to suit your desired image
    • Enjoy the luxury of a reserved fitting room minimal-stress shopping
    • Includes complimentary "Shape & Style" and "Colour" Analyses

Shape & Style Analysis

Shape and Style Analysis

For clients who wish to know the most flattering clothing styles for their bodies.

    • Identify your desired image
    • Learn which clothing styles seamlessly flatter your body
    • Discover how to highlight and accentuate your best attributes
    • Receive a 30-page portfolio illustrating your ideal clothing for any situation

Special Event Preparation

Special Event Preparation

For clients who want special occasion styling, such as for weddings or reunions.

    • Visit stores with pre-selected outfits that suit your event
    • Enjoy three (3) hours of one-on-one Personal Shopping assistance
    • Receive a complete cosmetic makeover based on your desired image
    • Indulge in services and advice tailored to your needs

Wardrobe Revitalization

Wardrobe Revitalization

For clients who wish to revitalize their existing wardrobes.

    • Identify your wardrobe pieces that "work" with your proportions
    • Learn how to assemble outfits that project your ideal image
    • Discover how to revitalize outfits using sophisticated accessories
    • Develop four perfect outfits: Business, Business Casual, Casual, and Formal

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