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Address PO Box 23005

Vernon , BC
V1T 9L8
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Phone (250) 558-8792
Dementia, Assessment, Therapies, Ashby Method, Montessori Geriatric, Age Related Cognitive Decline
Key Contact Mark Roberts-Seymour
Email OkanaganDementia@shaw.ca

What We Offer

Dementia Services

Our Screening Program

Our longest running program is the in-home assessment of persons suspected of dementia or age related cognitive decline. We are at the cutting edge of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia screening. These base-line determination services are provided at no cost when referred by a health care practitioner; and at low-cost when self or care-giver referred.

Our Therapy Programs

We provide a neuro-plasticity based one-to-one program of life quality improvement for persons with dementia. Developed in conjunction with the Ashby Memory Method and Geriatric Montessori Schools - this is a proven, practical program. It is structured with a series of interactive brain exercises and activities to help slow the progression of age related symptoms, Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms, memory challenges, or brain injury memory loss. The principal behind our program is simple: By exercising specific cognitive abilities which we know are affected by Dementias, participants can function at a higher level, stay at home, be close to family, save money which would otherwise be required for special care assisted living,  and live a longer better quality of life. If our intervention does not meet expectations, therapy may be terminated by the client at any time.
Our Cognitive Retention Therapy is a system of activities structured to encourage brain stimulation. Developed by doctors, the method has shown proven results for dramatically slowing the effects of Alzheimer’s, related dementias, and other mental challenges when:

  • •Administered at least twice a week in one-hour maximum sessions it has been shown to be:
    •Non-invasive: no medications required, no adverse effects,
    •Can be used with or without prescribed concurrent medication,
    •Hands-on activity-based, no complex computer software to learn,
    •Research proven results: consistently shows improvements in eight to twelve weeks,
    •Therapy activities are designed around the client's likes and interests

Okanagan Dementia Services has staff involved in mental health assessment and testing for more than twenty years.

Our work is an innovative program of thinking & activity focused exercises which:

  • Reduce levels of anxiety, depression and fear by helping the person adapt to changes in thinking,
  • Increase individual awareness of natural thinking patterns & promote new alternatives when familiar processes begin to decline,
  • Maintain and strengthen long-term memories,
  • Provide skills to support short-term memory and improve recall,
  • Renew sensory awareness (touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight), and
  • Build logic and reasoning skills.

Other Services

  • Self-Management Teaching
  • Primary Care Liaison
  • Specially Trained Health Assistants (Care Aides)
  • “Spare-Hands” Housework
  •  “Time-Out” Care-giver Respite for as little as 2 hours and up to 24 hrs/day,
  • Meal Planning and Teaching
  • Medication management
  • Grocery Listing and Shopping
  • Transportation to and from appointments, events, required and shopping
  • Preparation of meals
  • Food Area Hygiene
  • Work with Physicians, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Neurologists, Nurses, Psychologists, Naturopaths, Functional Radiologists,Occupational  and Physio-Therapists, and others
    • In-Home Fixture/Equipment Evaluation

About Us

Our firm is small, growing and is wholly Okanagan, BC and Canadian owned. We are licenced, insured, bondable, and certified to carry out assessments and AMM/Montessori therapies. The company is a member of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce.


The members of our team are committed to keeping clients with dementias at the highest level of functioning - and help them realize the best quality of life possible. Each staff member has an intimate and personal experience with dementias.


Staff have been trained by Heald College, the Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute, University of Victoria and Okanagan University College in skillsets used in this field. Together we have over twenty years experience with mental health measurement and treatments.


We have a good working knowledge of Mental Health Practitioners, Local Physicians, Alzheimer Society, the region’s Residential Care Facilities, Canadian Mental Health Association, and the Interior Health Authority services and staffs.


We accept MasterCard, Visa, most supplemental health plans and Department of Veterans Affairs direct billing payment options. 

Get More Information

Mark Roberts-Seymour, our Geriatric Case Manager is available 24/7 to address questions about Okanagan Dementia Services fees and services, without charge.


He can be reached by phone at 250-558-8792, by fax at 778-475-5873, or may be reached through email at OkanaganDementia@shaw.ca



 Vernon Fax 778-475-5873

e: OkanaganDementia@shaw.ca

PO Box 23005

Vernon, BC, V1T 9L8

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