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เว็บไซต์การพนัน_การ พนัน อังกฤษ_เคล็ดลับบาคาร่า

Address 30A - 100 Kal Lake Road (Alpine Centre)

Vernon, BC
V1T 9G1
(เล่นเกมออนไลน์ผ่านแอพView Map)
Phone (250) 549-3400
spa, facial, pedicure, manicure, massage, makeup, waxing, gold facial, beauty consultation, body wraps, eyelash tint, eyebrow tint
Key Contact Suzanna Tarsoly

What We Offer

24 Karat GOLD Facial (90 min)

Start this delicious treatment with a manual microdermabrasion to diminish sun damage, wrinkles and enlarged pores.  A 24 Karat Gold application to heal, oxigenate, energize & revitalize the skin with this most precious mineral on earth.  This facial includes 11 different treatments as well as massage. 

Acne Facial (60 min)

A specialized treatment for problematic skin that will help to clear spots, blackheads and blemishes.  Will improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

Acne Back Treatment (60 min)

Get your back "Beach ready""

Anti-Stress Back Treatment (30 min)

It's a delightful treatment starting with a back scrub, herbal scented hot towels, a unique self-heating de-stressing lotion, followed by a back massage.  Your ultimate pampering!

Body Wrapping (60 min)

De-stressing, Detoxifying or Cellulite Redcucing Wraps.  Start with a Dry Body Buffing to stimulate the blood circulation, herbal lotion, scalp & face massage.  Finish with a light Swedish Aromatherapy Massage.

Business Woman's Manicure (60 min)

Soak, nail care, massage and polish.

Dry Body Buff (15 min)

Using fibrous gloves to gently rub and exfoliate the skin.

Express Facial (30 min)

For a short but sweet relaxing, refreshing experience.  A good add-on to any massage, in between regular facials or before a special event.

Express Massage (30 min)

Take a break from your fast-paced day.  You deserve it.

Express Pedi (30 min - 45 min with polish)

Soak, nail care.

Eyelash & Brow Tinting

Eyelash Tint

Brow Tint

Brow and Lash Combo

Gentleman's Fitness Facial (60 min)

A great relaxing treatment for active men...cleans, detoxifies and rejuvenates while you unwind.

Gentleman's Fitness Massage (60 min)

Loosens up sore muscles, relaxes your tired body, rehydrates dry skin and takes you away from the everyday!

Gentleman's Manicure (45 min)

Soak, full nail care and massage.

Glycolic Acid Treatment (30 min)

Get a series of 6 treatments for $350.  Recommended twice a year.

Hot Stone Massage (60 min)

Experience the healing benefit of smooth volcanic basalt stones as they are applied to your body.  The stones may be applied both hot and cold, stimulating the circulation and detoxifying your body.

Ladies Med-Pedicure (75 min)

Intensive problem-solving foot-care, herbal soak and massage.  Polish applied.


Makeup application

Bridal/Special Event Makeup

Bridal Trial and Wedding Day Combo

Makeup lessons

Men's Medi-Pedicure (60 min)

Focus on the gentleman's needs!  Intensive problem-solving foot-care, herbal soak and massage.

Solace Signature Pedi & Mani Combo (2.5 hrs)

A truly pampering experience.

SOLACE Signature SPA Facial (80 min)

A luxurious de-stressing, anti-aging treatment to refine and rejuvinate fatigued complexions resulting from chronological and environmental skin aging.  Includes anti-aging eye treatment and desired ampule.

Solace Signature SPA Manicure (75 min)

Luxurious treatment to rejuvenate tired overworked hands.  Full nail care, herbal soak, scrub massage and polish.

Solace Signature SPA Massage (80)

Start with a detoxifying back exfoliating scrub followed by a hot herbal soaked towel, self heating de-stressing lotion and a relaxing aromatherapy massage from your toes to the top of your head.  Enjoy your pampering!

Solace Signature SPA Pedicure (80 min)

Experience a deep therapeutic foot treatment like no other before.  Soak your feet in an aromatherapy herbal bath.  Enjoy the heated massage chair, luxurious exfoliating scrub and a sensational massage.  Polish is applied.

Spa Package - Beyond Imagination (2 hrs 15 min)

24 Karat Gold Facial & Herbal Body Wrap.  Nurture yourself by combining our 2 most luxurious treatments.  Choose your body wrap, then relax while enjoying a 25 Karat Gold Facial.  Finish with a light Swedish Massage.

Spa Package - Enhance Your Beauty (2.5 hrs)

Traditional facial, eyebrow shaping, brow and eyelash tint and a mineral makeup application.  Beautify your face, look your best for any special event - first date, Christmas party, birthday, anniversary or your wedding.  You will leave looking glamorous - because you are worth it!

Spa Package - Just For Men (2.5 hrs)

Anti-stress back treatment, express facial, eyebrow grooming, express manicure and express pedicure.  Is your life too stressful?  Let us take care of you!  During your treatment enjoy a beverage, snack and read a magazine.

Spa Package - Signature Indulgence (4 hrs)

Solace Signature SPA Facial, Anti-stress Back Treatment, Solace Signature SPA Pedicure, Eyebrow Shaping.  Exquisite, pure indulgence!  3 1/2 hours of treatments to transform your body and mind.  You receive a delicious snack, tea and free slippers to take home.

Spa Package - Take a Sweet Break (2.5 hrs)

Express (facial, massage, manicure and pedicure).  Don't have lots of time?  This is for you!  Sample a variety of services.  Enjoy a nice beverage with a snack and take your slippers home with you.  (Polish included).

Teen Facial (60 min)

The same as acne facial.  Focuses on problem solving and teaching teens how to take care of their skin.

Traditional European Facial (60 min)

This is a traditional detoxifying, exfoliating, re-balancing, invigorating, yet relaxing facial.

Traditional Swedish Massage (60 min)

Soothing massage techniques will relax your muscles, quiet nerves, increase circulation and leave your skin smooth.

Waxing (women and men)

Imagine laying on a heated bed, pampered with skincare products during your waxing experience.  You will leave with no redness and very relaxed. 

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