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เว็บพนันบอล m88_แอพW88_โปร แกม บอล วัน นี้

Address 2139 Springfield Road

Kelowna, BC
V1W 4H8
(View Map)
Phone (250) 860-6403 x2259
finance, insurance, protection, support,
Key Contact Barbara Hoher

What We Offer

Critical Illness Insurance

What happens when illness strikes? Think about how many people you know that have already been affected by Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Alzheimer's? There is a solution: It's called Critical Illness Insurance

- It pays you to live, Your Doctor makes the assessment and your tax free money is yours to spend however you wish and you have an option of receiving a 'refund' of your premiums if you don't use it.

Disability Insurance

We can't predict when we get injured.  Disability Insurance can work to help provide income when you can't. When you earn an income you need to protect it.

Health and Dental

Looking for coverage. I will work with you to find the plan that is right for your company.

Key Person Insurance

Protect the profitability and viability of your buisness. Life Insurance is usually the cornerstone. It provides an instantaneous injection of capital into the business upon the death of a key person. The company receives death benefits tax-free.

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