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Address 618B 7th ave

Keremeos, BC
V0X 1N0
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Phone (250) 499-2102
Fax (250) 499-5757
U-Vin / U-Brew
Key Contact Shelly Bickner
Social Facebook

What We Offer

4, 5 & 6 week kits, Gitware, Wine Making Equipment & Supplies are available

4 week wine  kits: Cellar Craft, Cheeky Monkey, Moments, Sentimento, Sorriso, Niagara Mist, Bellissima

4 week beer kits : Breers Spring, Brew House, Brew Canada

5 week Kits: Cellar Craft

6 week Kits: Cellar Craft

Limited Release kits available

Giftware, Hand crafted jewelry, Wine carriers, Wine making supplies & Equipment Are available on sight

Make @ Home or Brew on Premise Service

It is very easy to make your very own fabulous wine in my well equiped U - Vin shop. You simply pick the wine kit you would like to make. It takes min. 28 days to brew, up to 6 weeks, depending on the kit picked. When it is ready to bottle, I will call you to make an appt.  The bottling process only takes about 20 mins. All wine kits yeild approx .30 bottles of wine or 23 Litres.

Jan 4, 2013

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