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Address Vernon
Phone (250) 260-5883
BC Classified Ads
Key Contact Lea Gail Parkhurst
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What We Offer

Blog Advertising

TOCA has 10 - 12 Feature Pages and with each one is a Specialized Blog.  Advertising is available on any of these blogs, if your business has a TOCA Business Classified Ad.   Please contact us at: is you are interested.

Business Classified Ads

TOCA Business Classified Ads are available that offer your business unliminted words to explain your products and services, plus a Logo image, plus 5 photo images.  Free employment listing, and blog listing for those category pages. One small annual fee per year. 

Business Display Ad

TOCA Business Display Ads are available for businesses that have registered with a TOCA Business Classified Ad.  Display Ads are available in 3 different size, and are available on our Home Page, Category Pages, Sub-category Pages, Feature Pages and any of our affiliated blogs. Small monthly fees apply for all Display Ads.

Dog Gone

TOCA is proud to announce that we are a major supporter of "", a new local website that helps owners find their lost/missing dog or someone who has found a dog to find its rightful owner.  For more information please visit the website.

Free Entertainment

TOCA has an Entertainment Feature Page, that all local bands, musicians, theater, live events, feastivals can post their events for FREE, please visit this page for details.

Free Job Postings

TOCA offers all local businesses within the Thompson/Okanagan valley free "Job Postings" with thier TOCA Business Classified Ad.  Please visit the TOCA Business page for details.


Non-Profit organization, associations and clubs can register with TOCA and for a limited time, can get a FREE TOCA Membership.  Please contact us for detials. 

North Okanagan Optimist Club

TOCA has embraced the "North Okanagan Optimist Club" as their non-profit support group.  TOCA will be donating 2% of all TOCA Business Classified Ads to the "North Okanagan Optimist Club".  As a Chartered member I invite anyone who would like to either donate to supporting youth and teens in the North Okanagan or who would like to become a member to contact

You can view their website at:


Residential Classified Ads

Free Residential Classified Ads for customers that offer you valley wide exposure with a very detailed category and sub category list.  Community Bulletin Board where you can post local stories of interest on many topics.  Entertaiment Feature Page where artists can post their venues for free.

May 5, 2011

Advertise Business Online Press Release

Press Release For Advertise Your Biz Online

My name is Lea Gail Parkhurst and I own the business: Advertise Your Biz Online

We have recently added a new service to our business in Mobile Marketing and Advertising.
Please navigate to the Mobile Marketing and Mobile Advertising link on the above website for more details.

If your business would like to explore the advantages of having a Mobile Landing Page with Custom QR Codes and Mobile Ad Campaign to promote your products and services, please visit our website.

With your Mobile Website your prospects who may be in the immediate vacinity of your store, can scan in your Mobile Website QR Code and get instant access to your contact information easily bookmarked on their cell phone.  A Mobile Website is formatted for viewing on Cell Phone templates for easy navigation and viewing.  These Mobile Websites come with Click-to-Call, Text2Call, Tell-A-Friend, and many other features.

You can view our mobile web site here:

Please read more  feel free to visit our website.

I am also Owner and Founder of:
The web site.

We are launching a new marketing campaign for TOCA in June/July, and invite you to look at registering your Business on our website.   This provides valley wide exposure and will easily support those who are looking to reach new customers within the Thompson/Okanagan valley's.  By adding a Mobile Ad Campaign you can gain a new local audience.

Success Breeds Success,

Lea Gail Parkhurst
Parkhurst ProBiz International
Parkhurst ProBiz International
Vernon, B.C. Canada V1B 3k2

Dec 8, 2010

TOFF Press Release

Introducing the Thompson/Okanagan's  1st Social Community the "ThompsonOkanaganFriendsFast" (TOFF) sister web site to TOCA.  This is a easy to use, easy to navigate, safe, local social community for the BC Interior of Canada.  

Now your family has a choice of which social community you encourage your children to use, your family or business communications.   TOFF is new and does not have National or International registrations so you can enjoy chatting and communicating with your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and associates without the fear of being hacked or approached by a stranger.

It is FREE to register and you can create your own Fanpages, or Groups add posts and local content for the community to enjoy.  Feel free to join our group "WWE" We Want Ellen DeGeneres.  Our goal is to get 10,000 names into this group and then see if we can bring Ellen DeGeneres here to Vernon, BC Canada for a "Stop Bullying Rally".  There are 2 groups one for those who live within the Thompson/Okanagan Valley, and one for those who live in Western Canada who may wish to support this project and even attend if we meet our goal. 

Register today and then share the "WWE" Group project with all your friends whether on Facebook, or your favorite email list, or even business email list.

Sales Manager

TOCA is looking for Sales People throughout the Thompson/Okanagan Valley, and also a Sales Manager with experience to lead a sales team throughout the Thompson/Okanagan Valley.

See details

At Home Sales Representative

TOCA is presently seeking FT Sales Representatives who have good computer skills, as well as good communication skills to work at home. This position depends on persons who are self motivated, comfortable using the phone and have a vehicle. This is a commission paid position.

See details

There are no Request for Proposals available at the moment.

There are no Investment Opportunities available at the moment.