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Wether you have water damage, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, content services, an estimate for rebuild or addendum items, Xactanalysis is the answer.


Vi-Conn can save you money on the high cost of restoration services!

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Address Vernon
Review & audit restoration contractor invoices & estimates to save money on behalf of the insurance carrier & private entity.
Key Contact Connie Short & Vicki Grigg

Wether you have water damage, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, content services, an estimate for rebuild or addendum items, Xactanalysis is the answer.


Vi-Conn can save you money on the high cost of restoration services!

What We Offer

Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos can be found in many of the materials that went into the construction of buildings prior to 1990. As an example: VC tile (vinyl composite tile), vinyl flooring, drywall, drywall mud, insulation and pipe wrap just to name a few.  Due to the extremely toxic nature of asbestos and how it is dealt with in terms of removal is strictly governed by Worksafe.  This being said, the costs associated with it's removal can be excessive. Having someone knowledgeable in how asbestos abatement jobs are invoiced gives Vi-Conn Services insight as to what your contractor can and cannot bill for.

Content Services

The contents of your home, such as pictures, china, jewelry, clothing, furniture etc. can have sentimental value, as such, each item requires special handling. With this in mind, the hours spent listing, sorting, boxing not to mention transporting and storage can add up fast. By evaluating each component of a content invoice Vi-Conn Services can help put it all into perspective.

Mold Remediation

Though mold remediation is seldom covered by insurance the costs associated can be staggering. Mold can have adverse health affects and though it is not at this time governed by Worksafe it should follow the same protocols as asbestos abatement.  Containment and special equipment to filter the micro-organisms are required to maintain a healthy environment.

Reviews on addendums

Addendum invoices are usually required if there has been a large loss. You can bill at each stage of completion, such as extensive tear out on an emergency file or content services were there has been large amounts of content that require listing, cleaning, packing and ongoing storage.  If you are not familiar with the previous invoices on any given file the opportunities for inconsistancies can be high.  This is an area where attention to detail is very important and can make all the difference to the bottom line.


Reviews on rebuild estimates

Structural estimates will always have the pre-approval of the carrier, adjuster, property manager or homeowner. But there may be situations where Vi-Conn's knowledge can play an important role in controlling and flagging inconsistancies: this is with the use of Xactanalysis. It is important to note that duplicates or overlaps can happen from the initial emergency services to the completion of the structural rebuild. Vi-Conn can make sure through the review process that this doesn't happen.

Water Damage

Water damage/remediation is the biggest villain when it comes to insurance claims, thus being the biggest expense to an insurance carrier. Water damage claims make up 40% of all claims submitted to insurance. Depending on the emergency and how it affected the fabric of the building, tear out and equipment charges can get out of hand. This is where Vi-Conn has the opportunity to delve deep and determine if the costs associated were necessary.


Xactanalysis is a internet based program used in conjunction with Xactimate.  This program allows Vi-Conn Services to generate "assignments" to the restoration contractor immediately and at the time of the emergency being called in. Vi-Conn Services will review the invoice or estimate on behalf of the insurance carrier, adjuster or private entity to make sure that it is following protocol which will in turn afirm the best possible price prior to payment.


Vi-Conn Services has the Xactimate software program in place that restoration contractors use to provide invoices and estimates to insurance carriers, adjusters and private entities. This gives us the ability to cross reference each line item on any given invoice or estimate to make sure costs are not being manipulated.

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