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Address 1923 Kent RD

Kelowna, BC
V1Y 7S6
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Phone (250) 869-0083
water, organic minerals, coffee, bottled water, alkaline, water systems, water filters, health, wellness, body products and cleaning products
Key Contact Joel
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What We Offer

Cooler Cleaning

Congratulations on purchasing your water cooler! Now that you’re drinking the finest water on the planet, make sure its as clean as it can be. Vital Waters has both single and multi-use cooler cleaners available.



Vital Waters delivers in the Okanagan to West Kelowna, Kelowna, Peachland and Vernon.See map for coverage. If you are interested in having Vital Waters deliver to your home or business

Free On-Site Assessments

We would love to come to your home, business, school, or retreat and talk to you about your water. Give us a call and Vital Waters will send one of our experts out for a free evaluation. We can look after all you water filtration needs.

System Renewals

Over time, as filters and membranes age and water conditions change in the ground, you may not be getting the water quality you expect. Whether it’s a cleaning or replacement you need, we have the expertise to service your system. Talk to us about our service plans.

Vital Java

Why socially responsible organic coffee?

The name say's it all. Our socially responsible Organic coffee is grown at the highest elevations, using only arabica fair traded coffee beans, free of herbicides, pesticides,and artificial fertilizers, roasted in Kelowna in small batches and delivered to you within 48 hours,to bring you the freshest highest quality coffee available.

With six international blends and six classic roasts, vital java is your destination for delicious socially responsible organic coffee

Our growers’ commitment to natural cultivation allows them to conserve soil resources for future generations.

Socially responsible coffee tries to get those growers more for their product by ensuring a fair return on their product. That way they can put it back into their communities. While socially responsible coffee and organics are by no means perfect, they are important steps on the road to a more equitable world.

Vital Minerals

The Vital Minerals mineral site is located in the southeastern part of beautiful British Columbia. The ore that makes up Vital Minerals was deposited and is exposed from natural volcanic faults in the mountainside where the minerals have found their way to the surface through various vents and faults. Over millions of years these minerals have naturally found their way down the mountainside and have dispersed at the base of the mountain. The vegetation surrounding the area is exceptionally lush and healthy. It is interesting to note that with the onslaught of beetle infestation that the pine and fir trees are not effected but remain very healthy.


•Restores life to dead soil 

•Replenishes the earth 

•Restores nutrients to the food 

•Increases yield & productivity 

•Increases sugar level in fruit 

   by 60% 

•Increases size and colour 

•Accelerates germination of 


•Reduces water requirement 

   in growing plants 

•Increases root growth 

•Improves crop yield 

•Gives a longer yield period 

•Gives softer but stronger fiber 


•Provides uniformed fiber 


•Increases resistance to cold 


•Increases long lasting flower 


•Increases protein content of 

   fruits and vegetables 

•Reduces nitrogen and 

   phosphorus requirements by 

   helping to hold nitrogen in 

   the soil at root level for a 

   longer period of time 

•Gives fruits and vegetables 

   better flavor and 


•Helps the acid-alkaline 

   balance in soil 

•Lowers acidity in produce 

•Sweetens taste in produce 

Vital Organics

Vital Organics provides a vast selection of the highest quality organic products available on the market today. We make our own organically formulated personal care products and cleaning solutions.

We use the finest natural ingredients that contain no harsh chemicals and dangerous fumes. We avoid the use of ingredients that contain phthalates, formaldehyde, artificial fragrances, artificial colors, oleochemicals, petroleum and any of the other 2983 harmful chemicals found in personal care and cleaning products.

Vital Organics uses only ingredients that are food grade and biodegradable. They are tested on humans by humans and are specially formulated to contain pure organic essential oils, organic Vital Minerals and other organic ingredients wherever posable.

The finest water helps make the finest organic products wherever water is needed in our products. Vital Organics is proudly Canadian born in Kelowna, BC

Vital Waters

Where Do You Get Your Water From?

It's a question most don't consider too closely. At Vital Waters, it's all we think about. To us, water is not just water.

3 Classes of Water

With an understanding of water’s organic nature as the foundation of all life, we've created a range of waters designed to promote good health and vitality. Using a proprietary process to produce stable alkaline drinking waters, we offer our customers the healthiest drinking waters, specifically suited to their needs.

Our waters come in glass bottles or BPA free plastic bottles.

Our Himalayan Plus was developed in the Okanagan, using a 13 stage proprietary purification process engineered by Vital Waters. Starting with our premium stable alkaline drinking water pH Plus, we infuse 250 million year old Himalayan minerals containing 84 essential trace elements vital to unlocking water's true potential the way nature intended. This class of water is bottled at a pH of 9.6 and is 120 on the alkaline scale. Our premium Himalayan Plus is a healthy foundation for those seeking holistic health benefits.

 Our pH Plus water was developed in the Okanagan, using an 11 stage proprietary purification process engineered by Vital Waters. Starting with our premium reverse osmosis water, we’ve created stable alkaline drinking water bottled at a pH of 8.6 and 40 on the alkaline scale. pH Plus is perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

 This is our standard drinking water, all minerals, chemicals, biological materials and pollutants are removed by our proprietary Reverse Osmosis purification process. This process produces water that is 99.99% pure. Bottled at a pH of 5.8 and 0 on the alkaline scale.

Water Systems

Vital Waters offers our a wide variety of drinking water treatment systems to fit any water challenge and pocket book. You can choose between several options and price ranges to ensure you are drinking clean safe water free of chemicals, prescription drugs, and organic contamination.

In Kelowna and throughout the Okanagan Valley we have multiple water sources each with their own challenges.

At Vital Waters we are also able evaluate your system and suggest changes to deal with new issues in your source water as those sources are mixed. If you currently have an RO system and would like it to produce a pH balanced or alkaline product water as opposed to the standard acidic RO product we can also help you with that.

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